Tips must be followed during exam time

The Only Different thing for toppers is that Whatever they do, Do it with Full Determination and discipline. Everybody is unique,and so the fact that how everybody on earth gets 24 hrs exactly, it depends upon how you are serious for your studies.

some quick tips to prepare for exam

✒️ Notes should be very precise and to the point

✒️ Make Diagram or Concept map.

✒️ While going through a chapter underline all important points you get there with marker.

✒️ Go through the syllabus and previous year question papers.

✒️ Avoid digital distractions and watching too much TV.

✒️ Take care of your body, mind and spirit.

✒️ Drink plenty of water

✒️ Organise your study time

✒️ Give yourself enough break in between your studies.

✒️ Start doing your preparations early itself

But the most important thing is that Put your heart and soul in whatever you do and touch the zenith of success.

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